Hot comb users must know how to clean a hot comb easily at home. Simple steps can give you exceptional results to clean your hot combs easily. Like all industries, the fashion industry is also gets developed with advanced technology. Hot combs are becoming necessary for every dressing table. Moreover, how to clean a hot comb is a topic of discussion for users.

If you are a hot comb user, keeping it clean while using it is essential. Buying a new hot comb rather than cleaning it is not advisable. Also, it is an expensive way, especially during this pandemic situation.

Other than that, keeping your hot comb clean is considered hygienic. It keeps your hair clean and will give your hair an attractive look.

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Is it necessary to clean a Hot Comb?

Many people adopt different methods for cleaning the hot comb. We know it is not an easy process, but you can do it at your home. This procedure requires more care and attention.

According to beauty experts, cleaning your hot comb twice a month is compulsory. It keeps you hygienic and gives a fresh look to your hair. That is advisable to clean the dirt immediately after using it. This will keep the hot comb clean for a more extended period.

Additionally, many easy methods can help you with this task. The cleaning of the hot comb also depends on the petroleum you used for your hair. The more hair protection and beauty stuff you apply to the hair, you will require more cleaning.

In order to keep a hot comb clean, you need to take care of it properly. First thing don’t drop your comb. Hot combs are fragile and can easily break if they come into contact with any rough surfaces.

Another important tip is to store your comb carefully, so you’ll always find the right tool when you need it. It’s best to leave a hot comb out of the bathroom while you brush your teeth or shower since its delicate nature makes it susceptible to damage.

Steps to clean hot comb from the comfort of your home

The following are a few easy methods for cleaning a hot comb. You will get exceptional results by experiencing these methods.

Use your hands to clean your hot comb

One of the easiest ways is to use your hands to clean your hot comb. Yes, it is that simple. But all you need is carefulness and attention. It is easy to get the gunk out from your hot comb from your hands.

Moreover, this method does not take much time. You can remove the gunk immediately, when it gets cool, after using it. It includes removing the attached hair and dirt from the hot comb.

In addition, this method saves time. It is also affordable as it does not require any additional paid assistance. You can watch videos for this method. Many tutorials are available for cleaning hot comb with hands.

Use Pen or Pencil to get rid of dirt

Pen and pencils are always available in every home. You do not need to rush for it. So pen and pencils are also used for cleaning hot combs. It sounds complicated and impossible, but it’s not.

The pointer side of the pen helps in removing the gunk from it. Slowly and carefully, you can throw the dust out. It is considered a time-consuming process, but it is worth working on.

Likewise, this method cleans the comb and removes the dirt properly. You can also use any needle-type material if you do not get a pen.

These pens or pen-shaped products easily remove the bristles and gunk from the hot comb. They are easily manageable and keep the comb clean when needed.

Soap is the soul of cleaning

How to clean a hot comb

Soap is a compulsory thing that comes to mind when it is about cleaning. Like other stuff, Soap is also used for cleaning hot combs. Yet, it is not applied directly in a hot comb but assists in cleaning.

For profound cleaning, use soap liquid and water mixture. It is recommendable to add two spoons of soap liquid to a glass of water. Make sure that the water is warm enough for the machine. In addition, do not use boiling temperature hot water for this process.

You can add shampoo too as a soap ingredient. After that, let your hot comb rest in the mixture for a while. It will loosen up the dirt and gunk so you can quickly put it off.

Use a Toothbrush to remove external grease from the hot comb

You can scrub the comb with any toothbrush to remove the external grease. This method is used for the soap mixture procedure. It will clean all the bristles, and dirt stuck in it in just one go.

After cleaning the entire gunk, make sure to remove the shampoo or Soap from your hot comb as well. For that, rinse the hot comb with warm water unceasingly many times.

Also, after cleaning your hot comb, dry it properly. It will protect you from unwanted damage. It is recommendable not to use the washed hot comb for a few hours until it dries properly.

Furthermore, if you are using an electronic hot comb, do not put it whole in the water. It can damage your device. Put only the combing part in the water for cleaning.

You will get a brand new hot comb for a perfect hairstyle by following this method. It will also protect your hair from undesirable germs.

Vinegar is the affordable method for cleaning

Where there is a kitchen, there is Vinegar. Using Vinegar is also an easy and affordable method for cleaning hot combs at home. This method tends to the machine and removes unnecessary bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Vinegar removes the comb’s gunk, dirt particles, and wasted hair. This liquid makes the dirty particles soft enough to remove them from the hot comb automatically. Follow these steps for this method.

  1. It is preferable to use Vinegar with water. Please do not use it directly on your hot comb. You will get adverse effects if you use it directly. Add some warm water to the Vinegar and make a mixture of it.
  2. Make sure not to use more than half a cup of Vinegar. Excessive use of Vinegar can damage your hot comb. After that, incline your comb into that mixture and leave it for about half an hour.
  3. The Vinegar plus water mixture will remove the entire gunk and germs as it works as a sanitizer. This will also eradicate the hair stuck in the hot comb.
  4.  After thirty minutes, clean your comb thoroughly with clean water.
  5.  Lastly, dry it well for better functioning. You will get a new look at your hot comb.

Final Verdict  

However, cleaning a hot comb you can easily clean requires effort and attention. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can get a brand-new hot comb without replacing it. It will give a more natural and stylish look to your hair.