You are probably using your straightener to make your hair strands smooth, silky, and straight. Do you know how versatile this little tool is? As everything is upgrading, hairstyles also. All sorts of waves and curls, from beach waves to plump, are today’s demand. you can curl your hair with a straightener with a flat iron holding in your hand.

It can create soft beachy waves to full, bouncy curls effortlessly. It works faster than a traditional curler, thus saving your time. Now it’s time to find a way to curl your hair with a straightener with some amazing tips to fix your desired look. 

From where to begin? -Guide to curl your hair with a straightener

Here we have some prep tips that you must know before turning on your straightener. As you know, frequent heat styling tools can damage your hair while giving you the desired look. Suppose you have fine or damaged hair along with several color treatments done. Then make sure to use a heat-protecting spray before getting started.  

If you have naturally curly hair, try to keep the straightener volume low. It is advised not to use a straightener on heat greater than 375 degrees as more heat damages fragile hair. 

You know! one straightener can benefit you for many years. So is it not right to invest in one that will be worth it? A straightener with a “single pass technology” feature will be a perfect choice. It can curl your hair on the first attempt. Fewer the time it will pass on your hair, the lesser the damage your hair will get. 

6 steps to curl your hair with a straightener 

steps to curl your hair with a straightener

Curls are stylish and simple to create with a flat iron. It will be a great hairstyle for any event, office and even your friend’s birthday party. You don’t need long hair to get curls; you can easily do it with your short hair. Now let’s have a look at a step-wise guide to curl your hair. 

Create hair sections 

Firstly, make small sections and get done with your hair partition. The thickness of your hair will define the number of sections. If you have fine and thin hair, you must make two sections by parting hair horizontally into a top and bottom half. While for thick hair, you may have to split your hair into four equal quadrants. 

Work with one section 

To get effective curls, you have to work on a single section at a time. For fine hair, take smaller sections, while for curly hair, you can take large sections. It is good to start with a one-inch section of hair, and eventually, you can vary it depending on the results. 

Start curling your hair with a straightener 

Let’s start with your left side. Take your hair section in your left hand and a pre-heated straightener in your right hand. Place the section inside the straightener near your head area. Clamp your hair and twist it all the way around so that your hair is pointing down out of the straightener. Then gently pull your hair through the straightener, and it will end with a nice curl. 

Repeat the same process for your left-sided hair sections. But the process is quite different for your right-sided hair sections. Here is a tip that you have to keep in mind. When curling your hair right side, you have to twist it towards you then pull it down. 

In contrast, for curling hair from the left side, you have to turn it away from you and pull it down. It will cause your curls to fall away from your face giving you a presentable look.   

Let the curls cool down 

After finishing with your curls, please spare some time to let them cool. At this time, don’t touch your hair coils and don’t open them. This 5-minutes break will help your curls to get settled with long-lasting results. 

Shake them well 

Once your curls are fully cooled down, remove the pins if used. Instead of using any wide-toothed comb, move your head down and give it a slight shake to get volumized curls. 

Finish with a setting spray

Now hold your favorite setting spray from a styling corner and spray well on your curls. It will make your curls long-lasting for a whole day or until your next hair wash. 

How to choose the best straightener to curl your hair

curl your hair with a straightener

Many options are available in the market for flare iron like titanium, ceramics, tourmaline, and floating plates. But which one is most appropriate for you? We are here on the way to help you find your new flat iron. You have to consider several factors. Let’s crack them one by one. 

what should be your hair type for curling with a straightener?

First, determine your hair type before choosing one. Is it fine, healthy, and smooth, or may it be dry, damaged, and frizzy? We have separate categories of straighteners depending on the type of hair. 


Consider a straightener with adjustable heat settings. Low-temperature straighteners are designed for dry and damaged hair, while there are high-temperature straighteners in demand for thick and curly hair. 

It is recommended, 

  • 300 degrees or less for damaged and chemically treated hair.
  • 300-380 degrees for healthy hair.
  • 350-400 degrees for thick and curly hair. 

Plate material 

Ceramics cost less and are effective for all hair types. It is a popular choice with smooth plates. Some straighteners have ceramic-coated plates that can result in uneven heat. Overall, ceramics is a good choice. 

Titanium can bear a large range of heat and is suitable for curly and thick hair. These are rust-resistant that will ensure clean styling. These are long-lasting in contrast to ceramics. 

Tourmaline material generates negatively charged ions that can reduce frizz. It can straighten hair with just one pass. It’s a great option for people with frizzy hair. 

Size and shape of a plate 

Straighteners come with various plate shapes, but the one with rounded sides is a versatile option. It can create curls, sleek styles, and flips for your desired look. Square-edged plates are not a good option for curls. 


Hair has a 90 percent role in your overall personality. It is all up to you to either make it presentable or leave it as it is. People excessively use flat irons for curling hair in salons and at home. In this article, we have shared some before styling tips, enlisted a step-by-step guide to curl your hair, and ended it with a direction to find the best straightener. In case of any query, drop it down in the comments section. Happy styling 🙂