Painting your own home with the colors of your choice is just love. You choose a color theme for your home, bring the desired material, and start playing with colors on the walls. But one thing that you have missed is to cover your hair. You realize that you are not only painting your walls and ceilings but also your hair. So how to get paint out of hair.

There is no doubt that hair with different colors is in demand but not with paint colors. But how to get your hair clean as before. Take a deep breath; I have listed 10 effective methods to get paint out of hair. Let’s explore these methods together.  

Use your fingernails to scrape it off.

It is the first step to take. Grasp the hair tightly in one hand, and use the other hand’s fingers to scrape the paint off while dragging down the hair. You have to repeat this process for better results. 

You can become annoyed as it is time-consuming and demands more effort. This method is only suitable for small hair patches having paint but not for half of your hair filled with color. 

Use a comb to get it out.

If your fingernails are not getting maximum results, you can switch yourself to a comb. Yes, a comb can remove the paint from your hair but only works for small residues. Grasp your hair tightly and drag the comb down, scraping the paint off. 

You can do so on your dry or wet hair for maximum results. You have to comb your hair from different directions to give them a complete interaction with a comb. 

Wash with clarifying shampoo 

Your hair needs a wash with clarifying shampoo. Get a shampoo with strong clarifying properties from any pharmacy or beauty shop. Before washing, comb your hair to get dry paint out, wet your hair, apply shampoo and scrub thoroughly. Give special effort to the affected area with your fingertips. Then wash your hair to rinse shampoo. If the paint is still there, repeat it a second time, followed by a conditioner.

Use dish soaps to remove paint. 

Dish wash is made to remove stubborn grease from cooking pans. If the above methods are not bringing enough results, you should give them a try. Apply it to your hair. Give it some time to start working on the paint. Scrub the hair surface with hands or a washcloth. Rinse and wash your hair

Give toothpaste a try.  

Toothpaste has a perfect texture to remove dried paint from hair. Use warm water to wet your hair, then apply some toothpaste evenly on the desired surface, don’t worry as it has no side effects. Massage it with your fingernails to get the painted area clean. Keep doing until 100% outcome. In the end, you will have paint-free and clean hair. 

Wash with warm water 

You are lucky if you have water-based paint on your hair. You can let it go just with warm water. Fill a bucket with plain warm water, soak your hair and leave it for the time. Then wash your hair under the shower using a mild shampoo. It will clear your hair with all paint residues. In case it did not work, it might not be water-based.

Use vinegar 

You can go for the vinegar if you can bear its smell. Apple cider vinegar is a good option and is believed to be a natural clarifier that removes product build-up and oils. Pour some apple cider vinegar onto your hair and gently massage the affected area. Vinegar will break the paint, which will be easy to remove on combing. Further, wash your hair. 

Baby oils to remove oil-based paints 

Baby oil is an excellent option to remove oil-based paints stuck to your hair. Oil constituents make the paint residues softer and easy to remove. Pour some baby oil on a paper towel or cotton ball, dump it over the affected area and leave for half an hour. Once the oil has been set, use a wide-tooth comb and comb your hair. If the paint is still present, repeat the same process. Please give it a finishing result by washing with shampoo. 

Use Olive oil 

Olive oil or other cooking oils are also good to remove oil-based paint remnants from your hair. Apply a small number of such oils on the affected area, rub it with your fingers, leave it for approx fifteen minutes, rinse it out and shampoo your hair.  

Try WD-40 on your hair. 

If you were using latex paint to renovate your home, you want a more potent formula to remove its residues from your hair. It might not sound good, but it’s okay to spray it little on the hair strand having paint. 

Rub it with your fingertips, let it sit for some time, and rinse with water. You have to use it as the last option as it can harm your hair and skin. 

How to care for your hair after removing paint

After removing paint, you might find your hair dried and damaged. For this, conditioning methods are appropriate to use. Salons offer great deals to deep condition your hair. However, you can also do this with exciting ingredients from your kitchen at home. It’s your choice to visit a salon or do it yourself. 


  • ½ tsp of olive oil
  • ½ avocado (riped) 
  • Three drops of essential oil (rosemary oil, lavender oil, or eucalyptus oil) 


Mash avocado with a fork in a small bowl, add essential oil and olive oil to make a uniform texture. Apply evenly on your hair, massage, cover it with a shower cap, and leave for fifteen minutes. Then, use your favorite shampoo and wash your hair. Dry your hair and make the style you want. Now you are ready to go out with your friends. 

Final verdict

Having painted hair while playing with colors is a common issue. If you have it, it does not need to worry; all you need is to try the above methods. One method from the list will work for you.You can select from them which suits your hair and  is available at your home. Try one according to your need and availability, and let us know about your experience. We would love to understand it in the comments section.