You take a shower, wash hair with shampoo, dry off your hair; still, you feel waxy hairs. Don’t worry. We have got the solution for you. If you are wondering why does my hair feels waxy after shampoo?, the cause is excessive use of shampoo. You are in the right place.

The formulation of shampoo includes various chemicals which leave residue in your hair resulting in waxy buildup. Apart from the chemical combination, the shampoo ingredient also contains natural oils, leaving buildup and contributing to waxy hair after washing.

The scalp produces oils from pores to moisturize strands; when the shampoo oils dilute the scalp oil and disturb the pH level of hairs, it becomes a significant culprit in featuring coated texture. Remember, unhealthy hair indicates a sign of concern for your scalp health.

Experiencing waxy hair after shampoo is the worst thing after a fresh shower. This article aims to cover everything related to treating waxy hairs after shampoo.

Before diving into other remedies for waxy hairs, it is essential to make sure that you are shampooing your hair in the right way. Let’s try to understand how to wash your hair correctly after shampoo.

How to wash hair properly to avoid waxy hair after shampoo?

Have you ever asked yourself if the washing routine for hair is definitely, right? If you are not considering it, give it a thought . The right way of washing and shampooing hair could probably save you from many scalps irritation and hair problems that might be troubling you for so long.

Detangle hair before taking a shower 

Most important of all, you must brush your hair gently. It is pretty frustrating brushing or combing your dry hair. If you are a sportsperson or gym enthusiast, your hairs probably get dirtier. Thus, removing large polluted masses from your body is necessary before washing them for shampoo. It prevent your hair feeling waxy hair after shampoo.

To ensure safe brushing:

  1. Try it from the midsection of the head without touching roots.
  2. If your brush is stuck, don’t rush.
  3. Remove the meeting and then start it again to avoid any breakage.

Once the upper section is done, continue introducing the brush to your scalp. When you feel your hairs are tangled enough and all the solid dirt is removed from your head, you are good to go for a shower.

Wash your hair and scalp adequately.

A good wash is an essential step for successful shampoo. After brushing properly, rinsing your hair also help in removing dirt. Cleanse the head with water by rubbing your hair and scalp gently. A soft massage of the head with water will moisturize your hair enough.

Make use of fingers gently while washing your hair. Nourishing the scalp with water softens hair tangles and helps relax your body from all stress. The critical thing to note here is that the essential purpose of excessive washing is to avoid irritation and waxy hairs after shampoo.

Applying shampoo to dry hair would not enable you to eliminate all buildup of shampoo on your strands. So, make sure to wash and clean the hair as much as possible. The hair’s wetness helps the scalp make it ready to receive shampoo.

Be gentle with your hair while shampooing.

Now comes the most crucial part. But first, make sure to choose the right shampoo with safe ingredients. Shampoos containing dangerous ingredients cause the coating of additional buildup, which leads to damage to your hair. Experts recommend herbal shampoos to bid farewell to the itching and irritating of the skin after application.

Avoid using hot water as it eventually causes dehydration in the scalp. The dehydration of the scalp leads to waxy hairs as the scalp produces more sebum to counter dehydration. Lukewarm water could be the preferred choice to yield the best results.

Unlike brushing, start slathering shampoo directly on your scalp so it leans towards roots. Remember, the hairs are at the weakest stage when they are wet. Treating your hair with care is extremely important to prevent any problem afterward. Try to rub gently and to avoid breakage or hair fall.

After you are done, try repeating the shampoo as the second round will give you shiny hairs. It will clean all leftover residue from product buildup. Not considering this step alone could be the biggest reason for your waxy hair.

Drying hairs after shower can reduce waxy hair

You may opt for your own choice to dry your hair, including air drying, or use a towel. Air drying or blow-drying are safer options to use rather than toweling. Towels must be used properly. If the towel is not used carefully, it could damage your hair. The hairstylists also hold rough toweling responsible for hair fall.

If you are using a towel, be gentle with its use. Especially, women with long hair must wrap their hair in the towel for a while. The long and thick coats must be dry before being exposed outside. Towels can absorb the moisture and possibly clean the excess buildup on your hair. They also help to fight the waxiness of your hair.

Remedies to treat waxy hairs after shampoo

By now, you already know how to prevent waxy hair after shampoo. If you still feel greasy hair, continue reading the few other remedies to get rid of messy hair.

  • Use a clarifying shampoo.

Our lifestyle puts our hair into many unwelcomed buildups. A clarifying shampoo defined with herbal and natural ingredients can be your easy-peasy solution.

Clarifying shampoo is formulated to provide cleansing buildup and residue from the scalp. Even a single use in a month can remove a significant amount of residue left on the scalp.

This is considered a popular process to alleviate waxy coating. Ask your hairstyle to help you choose the right clarifying shampoo for you.  

  • Limit the usage of shampoo to eliminate greasy hair

If you are a frequent shampoo user, you frequently give your hair a significant amount of wax. I prefer washing rather than shampooing.

Water can remove significant dirt from your hair. The shampoo helps your hair to remove oily deposits. Those oily deposits can be eliminated in one stroke and give you long-lasting safety.

Thus, you can apply shampoo once a week. Limiting the usage of shampoo will save you from gathering wax on hairs which is caused by sebum.

  • Diet is an essential factor.

A healthy diet is equally essential for healthy hair. Introduce hair-friendly food in your diet that can nourish your hair. Avoid consuming too much junky or oily food. These foods are not suitable for your health. In addition, your health decides the health of your hair.

A Rich in vitamins diet can comfort your hair strands. Fatty fish, vegetables, berries, seeds, and nuts are the best example to include in your healthy diet plan.

  • Restrain yourself from fancy hair products

No matter how fascinating your hair accessory looks, it can do more harm than good. We all have certain hair textures that need specific haircare treatment. Not all the products are meant for your scalp and hair type. The heating tools and hair protectants also cause primary wax in your hair.

  • Seek advice from a doctor

If you have tried everything, and nothing is working out for you. It may be something with medical-related issues. Consult a medical professional for hair treatment. In this case, your doctor can help you determine the exact cause of waxy hairs.

Bottom Line

Hairs are susceptible and constantly exposed to an atmosphere of the outside. Thus, it is essential to keep them safe and healthy from wax. Healthy hair keeps your scalp healthy by producing the right sebum and maintaining a balanced pH level. I hope this article helps to understand everything for fixing your waxy hairs.