Waxing short hair is quite difficult as wax can’t grasp them easily. Instead, waxing enough long hair can be more painful. So are you wondering, how long does my hair have to be waxed? It is suggested that one-fourth (1/4) inch length is enough for waxing, the same as that of a rice grain. This length will ensure complete hair removal from the root. 

In this article, you will find a complete guide on waxing, factors to consider, wax prep and aftercare. So stay with me. 

Why do I have body hair? 

Having body hair is not a shameful thing. We all have hair from our eyebrows to toes. It is your choice to keep or remove them and not of anyone else. Normal hair growth is common and not a big deal, but excessive hair growth in a specific area can be alarming and needs consideration. Common reasons include genetics, medications, hormonal imbalance, and PCOS. For unwanted hair removal, one can try shaving, waxing, threading, and laser treatments. 

Tip: Keep your diet up-to-the-mark to treat hormonal issues naturally. 

Does proper hair length matter? 

YES! Hair length matters when it comes to waxing while not matters for exfoliators and other treatments. Wax must adhere to the hair entirely to remove it from the root. If you don’t apply wax entirely on the body surface, it will not pull out the hair. Periodicity is helpful in waxing. If you keep waxing periods fixed, your hair will also grow back at the same phase. 

What could happen if my hair is not long enough? 

If your hair is less than one-fourth inch, the wax will not adhere to them firmly. It will result in improper hair removal not from the roots, hair breakage, and ingrown hair. It will also harm the skin, causing irritation, redness, and other skin issues. 

If you are waxing at home, your hair that has to be waxed should be long enough. To consider the length, make sure that it will be as long as that of your eyelash. However, a quarter-inch length can ensure effective waxing.   

What to do if my hair is longer? 

If your hair is half an inch long, make sure to cut it shorter. You can do it with a pair of clean shears. In case you don’t have it, ask your salon to do so before waxing. 

Waxing intervals

It depends entirely on your hair growth. Some people have faster hair growth and some have slower. Commonly it is suggested to wait for a month (4 weeks) so that hair will regrow to one-fourth inch. Continuous waxing reduces the hair’s ability to regrow faster and makes them thinner. You can wait for 5-6 weeks if this happens to you. For smoother hair growth and prevention of ingrown hair, use lightweight moisturizers and ingrown hair oils. 

What to consider while fixing your session? 

Schedule your waxing on a day when you are not in your menstrual phase. The skin is sensitive around the hair and can cause more pain these days. On a day of your waxing, make sure not to drink alcohol or anything with caffeine. Before waxing, you can take over-the-counter pain medicine to lessen the pain. 

Factors to consider during the waxing 

hair have to be waxed

Maintaining hygiene is important when your hair has to be waxed at the salon. So keep an eye on the following factors to get maximum hygiene products. 

  • One doing wax must uncover a set of new gloves for every customer. 
  • After each guest, all tools must be disposed of or soaked in antibacterial disinfectant.
  • Beds used for wax must be sanitized with disinfectant after each customer.
  • A box of fresh tissue paper must be available on the bed for each customer.
  • Waxing sticks must never be dipped in a waxing box twice. 
  • Waxing sticks must be disposed of after each customer.

Best hair removal strategy 

No matter what part of the body you will clean, it is important to follow the following steps to get smooth and hair-free skin. 

  • Clean the skin. 
  • Exfoliation. 
  • Waxing. 
  • Pamper it after the session. 

Clean the skin 

It is always good to have clean skin. Any bacteria or grime present on the skin can cause irritating bumps and folliculitis. If you are going to wax thicker hair, there are more chances of these skin problems. Now the question is how to clean skin? Use a soap or body wash and take a bath ending up with a clean surface. 

Use an exfoliator 

Dead skin cells surround the hair follicles, and the exfoliator removes them. There are no dead cells, making the waxing process easier and less painful. 

Do not use any chemical exfoliator before waxing and even not before shaving. I prefer a clean loofah or a gentle body scrub for scrubbing.

Wax your hair

You do not have to do anything if you are at the salon. But if you are waxing at home yourself or your friend is doing this to you. Then you need to consider for hair have to be waxed. Apply the wax along the direction of your hair, place a strip on it, and pull it off with a sudden jerk while holding the skin tightly. It will prevent pain and remove maximum hair at first. 

Pamper the skin/aftercare

Pampering is essential to prevent infection or skin allergy as hair follicles are prone to these skin problems. Moisturize is the best pampering agent. You can also use soothing lotion and look for other ingredients like AHAs (like citric acid) or BHA (like salicylic acid) to keep bacteria and dead cells at bay. 

The final takeaway

Waxing unwanted hair is a common thing around the globe. There are also other methods to get clear skin, but waxing is most common and believed to lower hair growth over time. Hair growth is normal but excessive one can be alarming. The desired hair length for waxing is one-fourth inch. Hair shorter or longer than this length is not fit for the waxing process. Also, list the timing of the session in your dairy to avoid any hustle. Prioritize hygiene and prep your skin to undergo wax. Also, relax afterward. 

Safe waxing!