That plain brown hair color is getting boring, isn’t it? And you want to add a cool, vibrant touch. Well, ash tone can be something you are looking for. Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce , and many other celebrities have rocked in this hair color.

Some are still using the “tone brown hair into ash” trend. What are you waiting for if you still haven’t tried this style? Your Instagram handle craves at least one ash-tone hair-colored picture. But wait, you can’t just wish, and it happens. There are still some aspects you should know. Let’s talk about them.


Have you seen random numbers on the boxes of hair colors? Well, these are not random colors. They follow a specific chart. According to Loreal Paris, the number before the decimal represents the base color. With 1 being the darkest (Black) and 10 being the lightest (Light Blonde).While the numbers after the decimal are the color tone.

Identifying The Shade of Brown You Are Starting With

Before we start painting the hair, we need to identify the base color. It’s brown. Isn’t this information enough? Well, no. There are four shades of brown in the base color chart.

  • 2. – Darkest Brown
  • 3. – Dark Brown
  • 4. – Brown
  • 5. – Light Brown

Identifying the base color is extremely important. It is a significant step that will allow you to achieve the expected result.

Which Hair Color Should You Buy To Tone Brown Hairs Into Ash?

Now is the time to talk about the numbers after the decimal. To tone brown color into ash, you should add one after the decimal (.1). The base color will come before the decimal. Let’s take an example. 

To tone dark brown hair into ash, 3.1 will be your best choice.

Hair Damage And Hair Dye 

Roughly 95% of our hair is made up of proteins. Some of these proteins wrap around the hair to protect against harmful environmental factors like UV rays.

According to research done in 2018, bleach and hair dyes permanently alter the structure of these proteins to penetrate the hairs. As a result, they produce different hair colors.

Some common side effects of overusing hair dye and bleaches include:-

  1. Loss of hair strength – Can lead to increase hair fall
  2. Reduction in hair thickness – Can cause lack of hair volume 
  3. Decreased heat resistance – Making it impossible to style them through heat treatment


2 Must-Know Tips To Avoid Hair Damage During Hair toning 

Phew! The last heading seemed like a nightmare. But wait. We have seen numerous people who altered their hair colors and still have healthy and manageable hairs. Are they using some kind of magic? Well, kind of yes. And we have some good news. We know about that magic.

  • Don’t Use a Strong Developer.

A strong developer is used to go from a very dark color to a light color in minimal time. Yay! Time saved, right?

No! It can be a nightmare for the health of your hair.

Although, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a lighter tone on dark hairs. Hairstylists recommend increasing your visits to the salon to get a more efficient result. No one wants a lighter tone on their hair if they fall down the next day.

In conclusion. Weak developers with volume 10-20 are healthy for the hairs in the long run. On the other hand, a strong developer with a volume of 30 or above has a high chance of leaving your hair damaged.

  • Never Overuse Tone Dye

Got a perfect ash tone on your brown hairs?

Now the main question is, how can you maintain that sleek and shiny shade? No one wants to go to the salon and pay a hefty amount to color your hair every three days. And the bank account isn’t the only thing that suffers. Using chemicals like hair dye or hair tone excessively can leave the hairs weak, dull, and complete havoc. 

The hair color industry is aware of this side-effect. Hence, they introduced a comprehensive series of shampoos and conditioners made especially for your processed hair. The color-friendly shampoo contains special chemicals that avoid removing the color from the cuticles of your color-treated hair. As a result, you have a long-lasting color. 

4 Easy Hacks to Keep That Color Last Longer 

Who doesn’t want their final hair tone to look fresh for a long time? Unfortunately, the color fades and leaves a weird dull color that you never wanted.

What if we said that you could keep that fresh look last longer? And you can do this with simple hacks.

So without further adieu, let’s find out those hacks.

1.Don’t Shampoo Straight Away.

Let your hair absorb that color properly before you wash away the chemical. Experts suggest giving at least 24 hours for the color to settle in your hair strands properly.

2.Use Color Friendly Products

Regular shampoo can pull the color from your hair. As a result, making it age more quickly. Instead, use products made especially for color-treated hair. They contain molecules that don’t extract the color from your hair.

3.Avoid Hot Showers

Steam from the hot water lifts the hair cuticles. The color starts to wash away from beneath those cuticles. As a result, hair fades more quickly.

4.Refrain From Heat Styling Often

Excessive heat treating can damage the hairs even if it is not color-treated. The heat alters the shape of the keratin protein of your hair. Excessive use can irreversibly damage the protein structure leaving your hairs burnt.

Medical FAQs

Q) Hair color went into my eye. What should I do?

Wash it with water immediately for 10 minutes. No matter how irritating it is, never rub your eyes. Afterward, open your eyes wide and try watching in all directions. If the problem persists, visit a doctor.

Q) My scalp is itching after applying the hair color of a new brand. It never happens when I use other brands.

It can be due to specific irritants in the hair dye of that specific brand. Avoid using that brand. Compare the ingredients of both the brands and find out what molecule was causing the problem. The most common irritant is PPD (also called para-phenylenediamine). PPD is present in higher quantities in darker colors

Q) Can hair chemicals cause cancer?

There aren’t any study that 100% proves that usage of a moderate amount of hair chemicals cause cancer. However, a study suggests that hair dyes and bleach can be the culprit. But again, another study suggests that there isn’t any solid relation between them.