You bought a new hair straightener cream and now wondering how to use hair straightener cream. Then you are not getting away from this site without knowing the proper procedure for the use of hair straightener cream. Hair straightening is one of the never-getting old fashions.

As much as popular with women, men are also following his trend. If you want to avoid wasting your day at a hair salon, buy a hair straightener cream from any local market or search for online recommended products by reading their reviews. Hair straightening creams are convenient and easy to use for everyone. Make sure to keep your hair tools clean check our guide to clean your hot comb

The cream also protects your hair from direct contact with heat. Its ingredients also make sure to nourish your hair after application. Continue reading our blog post to understand how to use straightener cream on your hair.

How to use hair straightener Cream

Please read this article to the end and follow all these steps carefully to get the desired shape. Each step is essential to consider while applying the cream. 

Start with shower

It would be best to start with a fresh shower, as applying hair straightening cream on unwashed hair will not deliver the desired results. You can use shampoo to remove all debris from your hair. Now wash your hair thoroughly to ensure that your hair is clean enough to apply the cream. In addition, to clean your hair, you also need to consider cleaning your hands before taking formula in your hands. After soaking your strands, dry off your wet hair with microfiber towels as they are more absorbent. You are ready to go when you feel that your hairs are dry enough to apply the cream. It is also advisable to brush your hair to remove all tangles in inches.

Smaller sections can help.

It is always helpful to divide yours into smaller sections for styling activity. It makes it possible to distribute the cream evenly on all hairs so you can get the maximum benefit out of it. Many people try to apply the cream in one go, which is incorrect. It will be impossible to reach all strands in one attempt. Hold all your strands with hairpins to get a firmer grip. You can also use hair clips temporarily to make sections. It is preferable for those people who have long and thick hair. Remove the pins once you have a firm grip on your team with hairpins. 

Apply your hair straightening cream

Before applying cream, please make sure your hands are clean to proceed. Cleaning your hands is essential for your safety to prevent any harmful infection to your hair. Read this portion carefully to understand how to use the hair straightening cream. Now is the time to apply the cream to your hair. Take a small amount of formula in your hand and apply it to all sections one by one covering all strands. You can also brush your hair to distribute the cream evenly. Just make sure that cream is sufficiently applied to all hairs. You can check yourself in the mirror or ask your partner or friend near you to let you know if all hairs are wet by cream.

Wait for absorption

When you have applied cream, now it is time for your hair to absorb all the cream. Don’t rush to wash your hair. Let your hairs get dry, and cream sit on your strands. Mostly, it takes 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the strength of hair and the amount of cream you have used. Move to the next step when the cream gets dry from your hair.

Wash the hair to remove the cream

After drying your cream, use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Just make sure that every bit of formula is washed away. You may need excessive wash for your hair to remove all cream. After washing, you can use a towel to dry off your hair locks. When your strands are damp, move ahead to the last step.

Blow-dry to straighten your hairs

Now use a blow dryer on your hair to straighten your hair. Mostly all the strands will be tight straight, just as you want. If you need additional straightness in your hair, you can use a flat iron and get the salon finish. 

 We recommend you go through all FAQs to clear your confusion over hair straightener cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these creams damage your hair?

They provide significant protection if compared with hair straightening irons. The purpose of using cream is to minimize the damage to your hair.

Can we apply a straightening cream to wet hair?

It is essential to keep your hair a little damp to yield better results afterward. Applying it on excessive wet hairs after a shower probably may not give you desired shape.

Which cream is best for straightening hair?

Consult your hairstylist to perfectly evaluate your scalp and hair condition and suggest a suitable product for you. Please don’t rely on big names of cosmetics and their commercials.

What is the key ingredient used in hair straightening cream?

Gelatin is the main ingredient that enables the cream to stick in moisture. These creams are mostly made of amino acids and proteins.

Can I get my desired shape?

Hair straightening creams are formulated with ingredients that give you sleeky and shining hair. The active ingredients contain proteins to strengthen the hair follicles. 


We hope this article helps you to apply the cream in the comfort of your home without stepping into saloons. Choosing a product with natural ingredients is a good idea to avoid the drawbacks of sensitive hairs. Avoid formulas with harmful chemicals to protect your hair. You can also consider the advice of your hairstylist about how to use hair straightener cream. Let us know in the comments section if you apply our tricks. Have you got your desired shape? Or do you still need to have some concerns or questions? Please leave comments to let us know to cover your queries in our frequently asked questions.