Do you hate to forget your hair straightener turned on after using it? I guess your answer is “yes.” Switch to alternate tools that turn off automatically. Or you might be looking for some marvelous machines with automatic shutdown settings so you won’t have to turn it off manually. Great! You are in the right place. This blog post will help you choose the which hair straighteners turn off automatically.

Keep in mind that it’s a wise choice to have those hair straighteners which turn off after some time. It’s the best decision for safety concerns. With an automatically turning off mechanism, you can avoid any unpleasant experience at your home. If you’ve been wondering which hair straighteners turn off automatically, look at our recommended list of products.

Which Hair Straighteners Turn Off Automatically?

Looking for the best recommendations, we won’t leave our users with ordinary cheap brands that can cause severe damage to the hair of our readers. Nevertheless, the products mentioned below are unique in performance and affordable compared to other expensive brands. Below is the list of the five best hair straighteners that turn off automatically. 

Five best hair straighteners that turn off automatically

Remington Pearl Pro Ceramic Hair Straightener

Remington is quite a famous brand in manufacturing quality hair straighteners. Remington Pearl Pro Ceramic Hair Straightener might be your choice if you are looking for an auto shut-off facility with some additional benefits. They turn off automatically after 1 hour. In addition, this can heat the plates in just 30 seconds up to 450 Fahrenheit.

They also allow you to adjust the heat setting with an LCD temperature display. Please make sure to read the manual for proper heat setting and digital controls. The mishandling can lead to burning your strands. However, most Remington users wonder do all Remington hair straighteners turn off automatically – the answer is no. Check out the product specifications or ask the shop owner.

GHD Original Styler Ceramic Hair Straightener

The other famous brand is GHD. It is 21 years older brand that is working to deliver quality styling appliances. GHD Original Styler Ceramic Hair Straighter is programmed to turn off after 30 minutes. They also can heat up in 30 seconds with an optimal temperature of 365 Fahrenheit temperature.

The slim design of the straightener allows you to hold the tool to get into the desired section of hair. However, this brand is a little bit expensive. But when its features are compared to other brands, it seems wise to buy this one to straighten your strands. Please note that all GHD equipment mostly has an auto shut-off feature. However, double-checking before buying is recommended. 

CHI Original Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener

CHI needs no introduction when it comes to hair straightener. Their fantastic performance made them the best-selling brand all over the world. CHI Original Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener is a great heating appliance with 60 seconds of heat up to minimize hair damage.

They can heat up to 425 Fahrenheit according to your hair type and desired look. This fantastic tool offers even distribution of heat like professional hairstylists. If you are a CHI brand lover and looking for a model with an automatic turn-off feature, go with this heating tool. In addition, CHI is a pretty stunning brand that provides straightened locks even if you have curly hair. That is what makes CHI different from other brands.

INFINITI PRO by CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener

Among other assortments, INFINITI PRO by CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener has the distinctive feature of quick styling. You can expect to heat up to 455 Fahrenheit within 15 seconds. Coming with auto-off settings, this could be the best choice among others. These model plates are coated with ceramic tourmaline, the ideal minerals for a hair straightener to provide a robust and evenly distribution of heat and allow your hair to retain moisture. If you are looking for some cheap or budget-friendly options, go for this model of the CONAIR brand. 

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener

HIS Professional Ceramic Tourmaline is another famous brand for straightening your curly locks. The plates of this tool also have ceramic and tourmaline minerals that add extra strength to your locks and provide shine and smoothness. It could support up to 450 Fahrenheit and takes no longer time to heat up.

To your surprise, this model has many positive reviews on Amazon that make it stand out from other straighteners. If you are looking for quick results with an affordable package, this HSI model could be your preferred choice. In addition, this straightener also prevents further hair damage if you have weak manes.

The answer is no, and all hair straighteners do not turn off automatically. You’ve to check out the product specification and features if programmed with this safety feature. With better consideration of safety precautions by users nowadays, now all brands are coming up with this advanced and incredible automatic shutting down availability.

Do all hair straighteners turn off automatically? 

Often in a hurry, women forget to unplug the straighteners, which causes terrible stress after leaving home. Even worse, it could cause a house fire if left plugged in. Many studies reveal that hair straighteners must be cool down to ensure the house’s safety. This clearly shows that hair straighteners are unsafe if not used with extreme care. 

How long does it take for a hair straightener to catch fire?

Mostly these heating tools users always wonder how long for a hair straightener to cool down. Hair straighteners remain hot for up to 40 minutes after unplugging. The numerous research from Electric Safety First shows that hair straighteners and other heating tools mainly contribute to major house fires. That’s why it is advisable to switch them off. Let your heating tool cool down so you can store it.

How to store hot hair straightener?

Storing hot hair straighter is always mind-numbing. The temperature is too high after unplugging it, so you neither touch the plates nor quickly keep them in the cloth bag. The hot straighteners are more likely to burn things when kept soon after use.

If it happens, the residue from the burn may damage the straighteners. Leave your heating partner on heat-proof metal for a while unless it cools down. Make sure to wrap the cord carefully to avoid any damage to the cord from excessive heating of the tool. Keep your straightener in a bag to protect it from dust.


To sum up, other products also feature this safety option, but we recommended some tested and best models out there so you can use them without any hesitation. Please make sure that you keep these hair straighteners away from the reach of children or any flammable object to avoid unpleasant incidents though. They turn off automatically, but straighteners take a little longer to cool down if used with higher temperatures. Also, make sure to check the availability of the auto shut-off feature before buying any tools. I hope this guide helps you buy the best-recommended tools according to your budget and hair type.